Le patch 1.0004 dit l'arlesienne

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Le patch 1.0004 dit l'arlesienne

Messagede BF_SLD » Mer 22 Aoû 2007 12:02

Le patch 1.0004 pour l'Europe et les Etats Unis, devrait arriver ces jours-ci. En effet, les asiatiques ayant validé celui-ci, la version russe est d'ores et déjà disponible sur le site officiel [Stalker-Game.com]

Ce patch russe, pèse 25 Mo au bas mot et n'est disponible qu'en une seule version, 1.0000, 1.0003 vers 1.0004. Il y aura bien le serveur dédié, le SDK multi enfin complet et de nombreuses corrections.

Retrouvez (grâce à Google traduction) tout ce que ce Patch ''Arlésien'' va nous apportez.

The list of corrections
-= 1.0004 =-

Saved games
Games are stored in version 1.0003, will work with version 1.0004.

Joining the server will be possible only if the client and server versions of the same game.

Improvements to patch 1.0004 :

Optimization :

1. How detailed objects made in the second CPU flow.
2. Optimization engine gave FPS increase by 10-15%.
3. Optimized components.

Changes Network games :

1. Added standalone dedicated server.
2. Added dedicated server remote control.
3. Added option of detachment from peaks pings.
4. Built flavored packer network packets. Received better pings and reduced traffic to 50-100%.
5. Filters on the list servers are not dumped.
6. Viewing available maps without disconnecting from the current game now available.
7. Counter artifacts now appear in the statistics.
8. The list of players are dropped at the beginning when you try to scroll. Now you put the player on the block.
9. Fixes some errors in determining the cause of death.
10. Mid grenade was not based on the explosion site.
11. Fixed-activated artifact and mode of operation appears from the anomalous zone.

Flights Network games :

Fixes all known to date flights.

SDK network games :

1. Users can obtain a resource file with a button to release fashion.
2. Fashion set reteyl version simply copying the resource file.

Corrections single game :

1. Fixed with the first shot of the War grenade. Now grenade flying at the first shot.
2. Fixed disappearance of the weapons from the hands of duty in the movement in prisyadi.
3. Corrected departure of Pripyat approaching the player to someone monolitovtsev gulag.
4. Fixed job Voronin to eliminate bandit Kochergi.
5. Fixes random assignment of Wild territory.
6. Fixed random assignment of Cordone to destroy camps of bandits.
7. Fixed random assignment Barmen sweep logs snorkov in Dark Valley.
8. Fixed automatic emergence job to protect the camps by moving to another location, save / load.
9. Fixed random assignment to destroy logs mutants if there psevdosobaki among monsters.
10. Fixed mission to destroy logs mutants.
11. Fixes random assignment of raids gulag players.
12. Corrected range of goods from Barman and Petrenko after random assignment.
13. Injured now run away from grenades.
14. Zombie at the Yantar not run away from grenades.
15. Corrected departure patrol road to Amber.
16. Corrected departure patrol on the road Agroprom NII.
17. Fixed job with the murder squad duty in the village at military depots.
18. Fixed repetitive scenes ambush duty at the entrance to the level of military depots.
19. Fixed flying cameras at the stadium on the Pripyat.
20. Fixed with Bes, because of which it could not be cured

Source : stalkerfrance.com

:D ca parle de serveur multi, on va pouvoir en faire :?: :twisted:

Ps : c'est mon 3000 ème poste :shock: :D
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Messagede BF_Cleobul » Mer 22 Aoû 2007 12:55


Est ce que qu'on fait une installation du serveur STALKER chez OVH ?
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Messagede BF_SLD » Mer 22 Aoû 2007 13:13

Pas pour le moment, car le multi est pas terrible sauf si il on fait une coop.
Il doit aussi, si j'ais bien tout compris arriver un addon qui est l'histoire avant S.T.A.L.K.E.R, mais la encore pour du solo :evil:

Ah les russies, quand comprendront il qu'un capture de point en multi ca cartonnerais :wink:
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